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After the Lantern Festival Gala in February 2005, President Hu Jintao received her and said: “your dance not only expressed the beauty of art but also the beauty of heart. Congratulations to your successful performance. I hope to see you more on the stage in future.”
Tai Lihua was selected as “Annual Figure of Moving China 2005” by TV audience in China.
In May 2007, Professor Ole Danbolt Mjos, Chairman of Norwegian Nobel Committee said: “I really thought I was in another world when I was watching your performances. Thanks for a beautiful presentation full of joy and happiness. It has been just wonderful to watch you”.
     In April 2007, Italy honored the International Award “THIRD MILLENNIUM” to Tai Lihua for her excellent work in the field of humanism and her contribution to the human friendship and social advancement.
She was the Torch Bearer of Torino Winter Olympic Games in 2006.

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