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     Many people long for a comfortable life abroad, but I preferred to stay in my homeland and continue my dancing. Only here in my own country, could I fulfill meaning in my life. In 2002, I married Li Chun, a computer engineer and we are raising a happy family. He also supports me in my dance career.
     As a disabled actress, my artistic career developed through much hardship and sweat, but has always been filled with sunshine and dreams. My heart has been so touched each day with fond memories:

     I remember the grand event at the “World Arts Festival” that was held in Teatrale alla Scala in Italy in October 1992. All the performers were the premiere dancers and musicians in the world, but we were honored as “Messengers of Beauty and Humanity”. 

    I remember in September 2000, we performed in magnificent Carnegie Hall in New York. In the exquisite exhibition rooms, corridors and foyers, there were portraits of world-famous artists, who had performed there, and posters about their performances for over 100 years. I was looking at them one by one in order to find out if there were any Chinese amongst them. Suddenly, I was astonished to see a big poster of my performance “The Soul of the Peacock” – the only Chinese one in Carnegie Hall.

     I remember when we performed in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, in December 2001. The streets were full of posters of our performance. After one performance, somebody came to see me backstage. It turned out to be the gentleman from the wealthy family, who had proposed to me 8 years previously. He was still unmarried after so many years. When he saw the poster, he hurried there hoping that I would marry him. I told him frankly that I was in love with somebody else, and would get married soon. Although disappointed, he politely wished us well, which touched me.

    I remember in May 2002, the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe began to perform in public theatres as a commercial venture. We always had a full house. We, disabled performers, are proud that we not only able to support ourselves, but are able also to entertain audiences.

     I remember in Japan in October 2002, the representatives of the Disabled People’s World Assembly called us “Torch Bearers for SPECIAL ART” and “Image ambassadors representing 600 million disabled people in the world”.

     I remember in Poland in March 2003, after dancing “The Soul of the Peacock” I went backstage to change my costume. The program presenter came to tell me that, the whole audience including the Polish President and his wife were calling encore for me to appear again. When she saw that I had already changed costume and it would be inconvenient to come on the stage again, she went to the stage and announced that she was, "sorry, as the dancer is deaf and could not hear the applause, she has already changed her costume for the next show and can’t come back again.” Later, she told me that the audience was moved to tears because I could not hear their warm applause. 

At the age of 12, she made her first appearance on the stage.
At the age of 15, she visited four European countries with CDPPAT.
At the age of 16, she performed in Scala Theatre in Italy.


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